Programming Embedded Microcontrollers

Using Microchip’s PIC with MPLAB X and XC8

                      by John A. Hansen


Chapter 1: Introduction to Microcontrollers

Chapter 2: Development Tools

Chapter 3: A Brief Introduction to a Few Essential Electronics Concepts

Chapter 4: Initial Development Environment Set Up and Test

Chapter 5: Writing Your First Program

Chapter 6: Introduction to Using the MPLAB XSimulator and Debugger

Chapter 7: Using the I/O Pins as Inputs

Chapter 8: Using the Timer0 Interrupt

Chapter 9: Using the External Interrupt

Chapter 10: From Assembly to C

Chapter 11: Interrupt on Change

Chapter 12: Analog to Digital Conversion

Chapter 13: Pulse Width Modulation

Chapter 14: Asynchronous Serial Data Communication

Chapter 15:Writing to an LCD Text Display with Parallel Data Communication